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  Backflushing Instructions:
Backflushing is a very important end of day excercise that will keep your coffee machine groups clear of coffee that has gone back into the machine during the brewing process. This coffee can plug up small ports and tubing on the machine, as well as affecting the flavor of currently brewing shots. Carrying out this process will reduce problems with the machine as well as making your screens last longer. The preventative maintenance done every 6 months will also be easier to carry out.
1. Select appropriate cleaning detergent such as Puro Caff or one of the many other brands.
2. Place the backflushing insert in the portafilter.
3. Place the recommended amount of cleaner (based on manufacturers suggestion) in the portafilter basket.
4.Place portafilter in the group you wish to clean.
5. If your machine has an auto clean cycle, use it now. Otherwise press the continuous brew button (usually the picture of a pitcher, or a swirl/circle).
6. Let the machine run for 15 seconds, press the button again to stop cycle.
7. Repeat step 6 a total of 3 times.
8. Remove portafilter and dump out contents
9. Press continuous button on group again to run clear water for 15-20 seconds to clear detergent.
10. Proceed until all groups are clean.

Cleaning Portafilters:
Coffee grounds can build up between the portafilter body and the spout that your shots come out of. This can worsen over time and eventually drastically change, or even stop your shots from coming out of the portafilter. Placing your portafilters in a pitcher with a mixture of your backflushing detergent overnight can take care of this issue. This can be carried out weekly and will prevent the buildup of coffee. If this has not been carried out in a long time, you can remove the portafilter insert and clean the hole manually with a screwdriver.

Cleaning Steam Wands:
Over time the steam wand tips on your machine can get milk built up inside which can block off the ports that the steam comes out of. This can actually completely stop steam from coming out. Soaking your steam wands in a pitcher with a mixture of your backflushing detergent can prevent this. It should be carried out weekly. If this has not been done in some time or you do not see steam coming from all of the ports on your tip, you can unscrew the tip from the wand and use a paperclip or thumbtack to poke through the holes from the outside and clear them of any blockage. Then look down into the steam tip and make sure all loose material has been removed so it will not replug. We carry a welding tip cleaner which has multiple size rods that are perfect for cleaning steam tips. These can be purchased for a few dollars at any hardware store and will prove very useful for cleaning any small holes.
Grinder Cleaning:
Doserless Grinder adjusting and jam cleanout video:
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